Amazon versus Netflix infographic: the clash of the titans ?

Amazon has seen its sales of DVDs melt away while consumers are turning more and more to flux or downloadable video content.
Amazon has found itself in direct competition with Netflix, as both of their video services without advertisements are comparable.
While the two protagonists take each other on in production or broadcasting of exclusive content, each has strong and weak points, presented in this infographic.
Our thanks to Erin Gentry as well as the business-management-degree.net site for their authorisation for reproduction.

Infographic source: business-management-degree.net

Key Numbers (click the title to expand)


  • Amazon: $61 billion,
  • Netflix: $3.6 billion.

Price for the Public:

  • Amazon: $79 per year for most shows and films, free for other product categories,
  • Netflix: $7.99 per month for streaming services only.

Number of members:

  • Amazon: 10 million, including 2% of members with Amazon Prime that only use this service,
  • Netflix: 30 million in the USA, 7.8 million outside the USA. 67 % of members use Netflix exclusively.

Original Programming:

  • Amazon:
    • Alpha House,
    • Betas,
    • Annebots,
    • Creative Galaxy,
    • Tumbleleaf,
    • Average appreciation score for Alpha House on Rotten Tomatoes: 75 %.
  • Netflix:
    • House of Cards,
    • Orange is the New Black,
    • Arrested Development,
    • Lilyhammer,
    • Hemlock Grove,
    • The Killing,
    • Daredevil,
    • 4 times more net revenue generated by Netflix ($31.8 million) after the launch of the two most popular series: “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”.

Useable Terminals:

  • Amazon: all types of terminals, including game consoles, certain smartphones, PCs and tablets, Smart TVs and Blue-Ray units,
  • Netflix:  all types of terminals, including game consoles, certain smartphones, PCs and tablets, Smart TVs and Blue-Ray units. 42% of Netflix users connect via their PC.


  • Amazon: 41.000 films and TV shows,
  • Netflix:  100,000 films and TV shows, only a small part available via streaming.

Content Purchase and Production: 

  • Amazon: $1 billion,
  • Netflix:  $2 billion.

Production Budgets: 

  • Amazon: Alpha House (11 episodes), $22 million,
  • Netflix:  House of Cards (26 episodes), $100 million.


Amazon versus Netflix: points forts et points faibles

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