Optimise your YouTube video referencing (infographic)

Leading platform for video sharing, YouTube is also the second most popular search engine in the world. 
If we have often criticised YouTube for its requirement for details in its search engine, the ranking algorithm deals with a high number of interdependent signals that go beyond the simple keywords and title of a video.
Martin Missfedt, Berlin-based artist as well as “creative SEO” expert, provides us with a compact infographic on the number of variables in the YouTube Algorithm.  


Infographie des facteurs qui influencent le classement de vos videos sur YouTube


Four main categories of factors influencing the ranking of your videos on YouTube.

  • The credibility of your YouTube channel,
  • The factors associated with a video,
  • The number of views and the interactions with internet users,
  • Sharing on social networks.

The factors that influence the credibility of your YouTube Channel.

Les facteurs qui influencent la crédibilité de votre chaîne YouTube



  • The frequency of publications: number of connections to your YouTube account, number of video downloads, number of contributions (comments, responses…) to other videos,
  • The degree of confidence that your channel is credited by YouTube: its age, the number of members, total number of views, connection to a Google+ account, even having an Adsense account,
  • The credibility of your channel: its title, its keywords and its description, the link to the homepage of a third party site, other linked channels, playlists (title, description, keywords).


Influence factors associated with a video.


La pertinence des mots-clés: titre de la video, nom du fichier téléchargé, mots-clés et description (y compris des liens vers des sites externes), annotations et script de la video,



  • The pertinence of keywords: title of the video, name of downloaded file, keywords and description (including links towards external sites), annotations and video script,
  • HD quality also has a positive influence on the ranking,
  • The attractiveness of a video thumbnail: while you cannot choose it, you can select the most pertinent among 3 that are offered. It is important as this thumbnail has an important influence on the click rates (thus on the number of views) when it is posted in the results list or in the “More Videos” section.


Number of views and internet user interactions.


Seo de vos videos sur YouTube: l'importance des commentaires et fils de discussion


  • The number of views (very important),
  • The number of minutes viewed: in absolute (depends on the length of the video) and relative terms, compared to other videos of the same format,
  • The reaction from internet users: number of comments (importance of keywords inserted in comments), discussion threads, the “thumbs up/thumbs down” ratio, the number of favorites and adds to third party playlists.

Sharing videos on social networks.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google + … The power of the signal given to the YouTube algorithm depends on the “social influence” of the profile that shared the video,
  • The “embedding” or integration of a video in a third party site using JavaScript. Here as well, the power of the signal depends both on the number and influence of the sites that integrated a YouTube video,
  • External links towards third party sites: the influence of this factor is rather limited.


Begin your plan for optimising your video ranking in YouTube at the start of the infographic: first, a credible channel is the cornerstone; then, a systematic qualification of each video published (titles, keywords, etc.)


On these strong foundations, you can animate a virtual community, promote sharing and motivate reactions from internet users. In all the cases, it is a long-term process, but with sustainable results.

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